Terms & Conditions

BlockchainTop Sales Conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) regulate any occasional contracts stipulated which concern the on-line sale of products offered on the web site www.blockchaintop.io (hereinafter the “Site”) in the subscriptions area. Said sales are between the company Alpha Media Research Ltd, Piazza Boffalora 4, 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland, Vat: CHE-352440477 (hereinafter the “Company”) and the consumer (hereinafter the “Customer”), coming to form an integral part of the same conditions.

The General Conditions will remain in force and effective until the Company sees fit to modify and/or integrate them. Any modifications and /or integrations will become effective as of the date they are published on the Site and will be applicable to purchase orders forwarded as of said date.

The latest updated version of the General Conditions is the one appearing in the specific area of the Site.


The site provides an Internet sales service of the following product:

  • BlockhainTop: the monthly subscription and annual service payment to receive the newsletter containing information re trends in the global market of cryptocurrencies, consultable on your own pc, so as to learn how to invest in this sector.


It is possible to seek information relevant to subscriptions and service payment, if you write to support@blockchaintop.io


The online purchase of products available on the Site follows this order procedure: the selection of the type of subscription/payment, registration on the Site www.blockchaintop.io, the filling-in of the data pertinent to Credit Card payment and confirmation of the purchase. The type of payment mentioned above is that for both types of “subscription”. Conversely, in the case of an annual service payment, besides credit card purchase there is also the option to use a Bank Transfer.

The Company does not recognize any binding nature should purchase requests be made in ways different from those outlined above.

The forwarding of the purchase order implies full acceptance of, without reservation, the General Conditions in effect at the time of placing the order.

The purchase order is understood to be accepted by the Company once the message appears on the page of correct purchase execution and once the Customer receives the email confirming purchase with authentication details for access to reserved area.

Any clause coming from the Customer ulterior to and /or incompatible with the above indicated in the purchase order and/or in the General Conditions will be considered devoid of effectiveness.


The prices indicated for each product on the Site are expressed in US Dollar (USD) and are those which are indicated as in effect at the time of forwarding the order.

The payment methods for purchase of online products are as follows:

  • for monthly subscriptions: payment with Credit Card
  • for the annual service: payment with Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Credit Card payment is through the Stripe service with guarantee of maximum security thanks to the SSL system.

The payment of the cost by Bank transfer must be made within 10 working days of the date of order placement – that failing, automatic annulment of the same ensues. The bank account details for the payment are transmitted at time of the order by way of dedicated email sent to the address used for the operation.

The payment of the monthly subscription to the services on offer by way of Credit Card is by a standing order, i.e. once the date of validity period for service purchased has expired, an automatic withdrawal is made from the Credit Card for an amount identical to the one of the previous subscription period.

In no case may the Company apply an increase to the periodic subscription price already agreed to. The price will remain the same until such times as the Customer decides to revoke.

Should a service and/or subscription be purchased, the subscription will take effect (with consequent expiry) as of the exact day of payment. If for example a monthly subscription is purchased from 12th June, the next payment date will be 12th July (i.e. 12th of the following month).

The BlockchainTop annual service is not as such a subscription service. Hence, it expires after exactly one year from payment and it is not renewed automatically. When the year ends, so as not to incur any interruption to the service, it is up to the Customer to make a new annual payment.


All the products and/or services offered on BlockchainTop are covered 100% by the Guarantee “Satisfied or Reimbursed” for the first 30 days subsequent to payment order.

If in the space of the first 30 days the Customer does not feel satisfied with the service, he can ask for a 100% immediate and linear reimbursement of the amount paid. Suffice it to send a simple email to this address: info@strategieperinvestire.com

The reimbursement of the amount paid is expenses exempt for the Customer but will be completed ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in the same way employed for purchase (Credit Card or Bank Transfer)

At any time the Customer may decide to unilaterally withdraw from subscription contractual demands – both by operating and acting in the reserved area and with a simple click requesting such an operation from our dedicated customer assistance service.

Should the Customer withdraw without applying for reimbursement (to be effected in the first 30 days), access to the reserved area will remain active until the expiry date of the natural period covered by the subscription.

N.B.: should subscription automatic renewal be revoked by way of credit card (paypal or stripe), once the subscription has expired, the customer LOSES THE RIGHT to maintain any special and more favourable conditions with regard to the conditions normally in effect to access BlockchainTop services.


The contents of BlockchainTop are to be taken as an editorial service in financial education and in investment and trading trends; there is no claim, hence, to supply any service of personalized consultancy.

Thus, the Editorial Staff refutes every responsibility for improper use of the contents and cautions anyone against using them as an aim to profit.

BlockchainTop is an editorial service not subject to contents veracity control – the contents being personal opinions of the Editorial Staff.

The employment of the information provided to carry out investments and trading operations is, therefore, the exclusive personal responsibility of the subscriber who takes on the risks inherent.

The Site has been created with the sole aim of supplying information and no part of the same is to be considered personalized consultancy or an offer to purchase and/or buy or soliciting to purchase or sell titles and/or financial instruments of various nature.

The opinions contained on the Site do not constitute investment consultancy, but an independent opinion of the newsletter editor. None of the information and none of the opinions contained on this Site are to be taken as soliciting or offer to investment in shares or financial instruments of various nature on the part of the Company or its affiliates, or as personalized financial consultancy.

The information published on the Site is to be read “as it is written” and available “when it is available” without any obligation on the part of the Company to guarantee the service at any time of the day and with an updating frequency – fixed, prearranged and compulsory.

All the information and opinions expressed on the Site are to be taken as relevant to the time of publication and may be subject to modifications in the course of time without any forewarning.

Though the Company does everything possible to keep the site updated along with the information to be found on the same, Alpha Media Research Ltd does not guarantee accuracy of the material published on the Site, neither explicitly nor implicitly, and expressly declines any guarantee of marketability or suitability for any particular aim.

Nor, moreover, can the Company be held responsible for the violation of sales contract of online products offered on the Site in the case of lack or non-availability of the product, force majeure, breakdowns, interruptions, complete or total strike of Internet services of the hosting server and/or of telecommunications.

Alpha Media Research reserves the right, without reimbursement and forewarning, to immediately withdraw the subscription which any Customer should copy, modify, translate, reproduce, publicize, sell, publish, promote and publicize in another way, in a different format, in electronic form or of other type, in whole or in part, the information contained on the Site.


All the information appearing on the Site, all the brands reproduced on the site, all the programmes and/or technologies provided for re the Site and, more in general, the whole Site and every part of it are reserved and protected.

It is forbidden to reproduce brands and logos in use on the Site: moreover, the Customer is committed to not copying, modifying, translating, reproducing, publicizing, selling, publishing, promoting and publicizing in any way, in a different format, in electronic form or of other type, in whole or in part, the information contained on the Site.


Aware of possible penal responsibilities for false declarations, the Customer declares and guarantees:

  • to be over eighteen years of age;
  • that the details supplied by the same for the drawing up of the Contract are correct and truthful.


The contents of this Site are the property of Alpha Media Research Ltd.  All rights reserved.  No part of this report may be reproduced or placed on any electronic medium without written permission from the publisher.  Information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  Alpha Media Research sagl editors and publications do not advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment.  Investments discussed in this publication should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company in question.


Please send an email to support@blockchaintop.io