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Who we are

The data relevant to persons you refer to us through our web site are examined, employed and processed by Alpha Media Research Ltd, Piazza Boffalora 4, 6830 Chiasso, Switzerland.

Personal details are a matter of trust

We consider our customers our partners. This partnership extends to the way we treat your personal details. When the privacy of our customers and visitors is at stake, at Alpha Media Research Ltd it is fundamental to operate transparently and in cooperation with our visitors and customers. We gather only that information which might be useful to us in improving your purchasing experience. This report on privacy is our way of conveying which information we gather, how we utilize it and how you can access your details, modify them or have them removed.

Taking part in courses free of charge, downloading material free or purchasing the newsletter

When we work for you we require as minimum your email – extra being your name or telephone number so as to be able to ensure correct delivery of our free material, solve any problems that might arise and answer your questions.

Purchases, special offers, promotions, discount vouchers and guarantees

When you register for special offers with Alpha Media Research Ltd or for purchases or for other promotions, or cash discount vouchers, we might require further personal particulars such as name, address, telephone number or other. Thus, we will be able to provide the product/service and to trace you for any future offers.

Personal details are NEVER released to third parties

Alpha Media Research Ltd NEVER passes on your personal details to third parties – be they individuals or companies. The information we gather is employed exclusively by Alpha Media Research Ltd. We endeavour to constantly utilize security systems suitable for the protection of your details from any risk in the normal run of events.

Cookies for accessing information on customer profile

Cookies anonymously memorize information you have provided us with. The Alpha Media Research Ltd web site uses cookies to register your preferences. For example, the site can remember which page you have visualized (and other more important, relevant information), thus simplifying your next visit. You may, however, deactivate the cookies in your web browser by choosing the entry Internet Options.

Alpha Media Research Ltd communications

Alpha Media Research Ltd will contact you on condition that you have supplied your email address, requesting us to communicate with you by email. If you are contacted by Alpha Media Research Ltd but prefer not to receive further information on products or promotions, contact us using one of the options mentioned below (or click on any removal link you can find in every email communication we forward you).

Data accessing

When you communicate your personal details to Alpha Media Research Ltd, you have access to such data at any time. You may update, modify or remove the data at any time by calling us, writing to us or forwarding an email in keeping with the indications reported below. If necessary, we can communicate to you where we have traced the information or if and when we have utilized the same in Alpha Media Research Ltd. Your details are exclusively for internal use and, in full compliance with the law, we memorize only information relevant to, suited to and necessary for the legitimate aims as they appear above. Moreover, when your details are of no further use to us, we remove them.

If you wish to update your personal details, remove your name from our mailing list, or if you have any privacy questions concerning Alpha Media Research Ltd practices, please send an email to and we will reply.