The main crypto platforms are ready to accept “Big Money”

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal from May 18, Coinbase, the largest American exchange, spoke to the OCC (US Office of the Controller of the Currency) to clarify its business model and obtain federal banking licences.

The WSJ also reported that Coinbase is seeking to register as an authorized broker with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The exchange announced its intention to launch a suite of products aimed at institutional investors in order to facilitate the involvement of these institutions in the world of cryptocurrencies.

According to a Bloomberg article from June 6, Circle Internet Financial Ltd, the peer-to-peer payment platform, is also following the same path as Coinbase, seeking to obtain a federal banking license through the OCC and a registration with the SEC as a brokerage and trading venue.

Indeed, Circle would first focus on the SEC standard by starting the removal of non-compliant tokens at an early stage and then focusing on the possibility of obtaining a federal bank licence. This would, as Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has stated, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Even some German financial institutions (especially six of them, whose name has not been revealed), Bitcoin in Brief has disclosed, are involved in crypto-currency trading.

The same way is being taken by some U.S. universities, mainly on the East Coast, which have started to invest part of their capital in cryptocurrency. Although these investments are still limited, they certainly indicate a growing interest in this world.

The growing interest by universities also involves leading academic institutions, such as Cambridge and Oxford, which have recently introduced courses related to cryptos and the blockchain.

These first examples were soon followed by other universities: this last December, the National University of Belarus announced a diploma course in cryptocurrencies, by-products and ICOs, and the Fundaçao University Getulio Vargas of São Paulo launched the first Brazilian master’s degree in crypto-finance – not to mention the universities of North Korea, where training courses on cryptocurrencies have been held lately.

The staff at BlockchainTop News