About BlockchainTop Income Intelligence

Since the BlockchainTop team advises many Companies  that play a significant role in the area of blockchain, it's often able to find information on events and facts that could affect some coin prices. 

That's why we had the idea of making a group of experts who will enterely devote itself to gather this kind of information in order to share them with our subscribers

Income Intelligence will then provide this information in the form of "alerts" containing our expert's hypothesis about the coins that could be the most valuable in terms of investors' returns.

We'll try to seek our investment opportunities among coins with different degrees of notoriety and complexity, in order to meet a wider range of investors' needs and preferences.

Income Intelligence will be sent in your email box in the form of a newsletter. The only web page related to it will contain the table of our closed positions

As such, all the alerts about new coins, together with the information about our current positions and any other news, explanation or description, will only be sent to you via email. 

Since our team is constantly in touch with our portfolio's coins's teams and with the teams of other market's cryptos, the newsletter will provide you with news from our field guys only. We won't bury you in hearsay stuff or someone else's articles digests!

Please, find below a summary table of Income Intelligence's features:


  • Four Newsletters every month, which contain:
  • Alerts on every coin that for some reasons (new listing, ICOs, etc.) could probably have a strong spike in the future.
  • The Alerts show the coin's name, as well as a detailed description of the causes of it's next probable spike and, if necessary, some explanations about suggested exchanges or wallets related to it. 
  • The Alerts can deal with either already listed coins or tokens that are about to be released in an ICO.
  • Updates on our current positions and, if necessary, instructions on new actions to do in order to manage or close them.
  • The Updates reiterate the former descriptions of the coins issued within their relevant alerts and add any news, description or explanation that could be necessary in order to manage the current positions.
  • Closed Positions Table is the only part not included in the newsletter that you can find on a web page. For each coin closed, the table shows the entry price, the entry date, the spyke price and the spyke date.

BlockchainTop Income Intelligence is a Newsletter issued via email only

The Newsletter is devoted to provide "alerts" and, subsequently, any other information or instructions you may need to manage the positions suggested by the alerts themselves, until they are closed down.

Since it's not issued on a web page, Income Intelligence doesn't have a members area. The only news and informations of the Newsletter are provided via email.

 The only assistance provided by Income Intelligence is on troubles on subscription/payments procedures and the reception of our emails in your email box.

The only part of Income Intelligence you can find on a web page is the Closed Positions Table, which lists all our closed positions.