Here you go the most frequent questions we received from our readers and followers. Maybe your doubts could be answered by one of the following replies. Take a look...


What's the minimum amount I should invest?

Making a trade in cryptocurrencies means making changes from a currency to another one.

Therefore, no minimum amount is required. You can change 1 dollar, 10 euros, 0,5 yen, 1000 dollars, 1.000.000 euros in any cryptocurrency. It's up to you. 

Obviously, if your goal is to make a profit, the more you invest, the more you earn.

So, how can you determine a fair total amount to afford when you invest in cryptos?

First of all, split your capital into 4 categories:

  1. investments
  2. emergences
  3. exceptional expenditures
  4. store of value

As for the 1 category, ask yourself which part of it you could afford to lose or to get strongly undervalued.

Even if the part that results from your self inquiry is very small, consider that with the cryptos you can still have high revenues from very small sums. Therefore, don't be worried by the modesty of your investment.

Regarding the amount to invest in any single trade, based upon the riskiness of the currency traded, our "alerts" will suggest you the "size" (as a percentage of your capital) of the single position.

Thus, just apply this percentage to the total sum you've allocated to cryptos.

That will tell you how much you should invest in the single trade.


How big is the risk?

Compared to other investment methods, trading with cryptocurrencies gives you the best risk / return difference.

Because the returns are much higher compared to any other form of investment, you can put at risk too modest figures to have a potential return comparable to what you would have if you invested in real estate or derivatives.

So on the one hand you can reduce your risk by exposing really minimal figures to the possible losses, but on the other hand, even risking so little, you have a prospect of return that is disproportionately higher than the amount you risk.

For example, starting with an initial investment of 3000 euros, it's not uncommon to get 500,000 euros in ten years.


What if I'm a beginner?

Only 10% of the population of developed countries has sufficient knowledge of this subject.

Therefore, if this kind of trading was reserved for them only, our Blockchain Top service would be useless.

We created Blockchain Top precisely because this method is within the reach of anyone.

The only serious obstacle for a beginner is not knowing where to invest, when and for how long.

And this is precisely what we'll tell you in our alerts and our timely messages on the phone and via email.

To set up an excellent trade on your trading platform (just like an expert trader!), all you have to do is to "copy" our alert on it! 

But I do not want to hide you that initially some difficulties could stem from the use of the wallets (the "deposit accounts" of your cryptocurrencies) and of the exchanges (the cryptocurrency trading platforms).

If you've never used these tools, it will obviously be all new to you.

As for the exchanges, if you have already traded with stocks, futures or forex, you will have little difficulty using them, as they work in much the same way as the most common trading platforms.

Wallets, on the other hand, are for the most part still unknown to many people.

For this reason, after subscribing to Blockchain Top, our Handbook in your Member Area will explain you how to open an account in the main wallets and exchanges and how to use them.

If you choose a subscription that provides the forum, you can also ask for a real-time help from our team.

Indeed, if you are a beginner, I highly recommend using the forum, at least for the first few months.

On average it is necessary a week or two to become practical for a wallet or an exchange.

There is no reason to not overcome this small obstacle with our help, given the potential return that you can have in perspective.


Do I need a Trading Platform to trade cryptos?

Yes, special platforms (usually called "exchanges") are needed to trade cryptos. The exchanges work the same way as normal trading platforms (very similar to that used for Forex Trading).

Don't forget that our Handbooks and our real-time forum assistance will make them very easy for you!


How do I transfer money from my bank account to a crypto trading platform?

Just make a wire transfer from you bank to your platform. Once transferred to the platform, you can start to change your money into cryptocurrencies.

Don't forget that with our Handbooks and our real-time forum assistance it's almost impossible to be wrong!