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Company cookie policy

Cookies are employed to improve the services we offer you. If the site is to work, then particular cookies are absolutely essential; others enable performance optimization and grant the user a more comfortable experience.

Absolutely essential cookies allow you to:

– remember the content of your shopping basket
– remember at which point you are in your order

Functional cookies are used to:
– remember your access details and your accesses
– offer you safe surfing after web accessing
– ensure the website has a consistent appearance
– support chat system in real time

Performance enhancing cookies allow you to:
– optimize web site performances, while reducing uploading time for pages visited
– improve the user’s experience

“Targeting cookies” are used to:
– allow you to employ the functions “share” and “like”
– forward information to other web sites so as to personalize respective advertisements.

Alpha Media Research Ltd makes use of online retargeting. Such technology consents the addressing of other users who have already showed interest in the products/services appearing on ARM web sites – all as a result of focused advertising. It is our conviction that by employing personalized advertising, geared to the interests of potential customers, we generally come across as being of more interest than traditional advertising devoid of such personal references. Retargeting envisages the insertion of advertising banners based on cookie analysis of previous user behaviour. To this end Alpha Media Research Ltd collaborates with a group of partners in advertising. This is why, when you visit our Internet site, cookies of partner companies are saved on your hard disk. Obviously in this case the personal details of users are not memorized. Equally obvious is that retargeting technology is carried out in full respect of any regulations applicable re data protection.

Examples of use

Cookies are used for improving the services we place at your disposal, for example:
– they make possible services – such as payment; otherwise, they would not work
– they allow a service to recognize your pc or similar, thus avoiding repeatedly entering the same information in the course of a specific access operation
– they recognize that you have already provided a user name and password, i.e. when you accessed the site for the first time; hence, there is no need to go through the operation every time you choose  a web page
– they calculate how many users are employing the services so as to facilitate their use and ensure resources necessary for speedy surfing
– they analyse data that help us understand how you use services for the public online; we can, consequently, improve them.

If you do not authorize us to use cookies, specific functions and pages cannot work as you might expect them to. For example, you cannot use the shopping list.

If you wish to remove the cookie files which may appear on your device, read the instructions of your browser and click on the entry “Help” on the dedicated menu.

You can also access further information on cookies and on how to manage them by visiting (in English) or by clicking on “Help” on your browser menu.