About BlockchainTop

BlockchainTop is a comprehensive service for investors in cryptocurrencies and it's suitable for both absolute beginners and experienced investors.

To the experienced investors, BlockchanTop offers:

  • Two newsletter per month with updates on both our portfolio and the market of cryptos as a whole. Since our team is constantly in touch with our portfolio's coins's teams and with the team of other market's cryptos, the newsletter will provide you with news from our field guys only. We won't bury you in hearsay stuff or someone else's articles digests.
  • Alert aimed at warning you on new coins worth buying or changes we're going to make to our portfolio (changes in some asset's size, closing or reduction of some positions, etc.).
  • ICO Service.   All the ICOs reported by BlockchainTop are born within the framework of partnership or cooperation between our team and the ICOs staff. For this reason, most times we are able to give you access to presales that are usually reserved for selected investors. By attending these presales, you'll benefit from discount of up to 50% of the official purchase price of the coin released by the ICO. Besides, since the presales usually don't penalise the latest purchases in relation to the earlier ones, you'll let common purchasers tear each other apart, while you quietly buy at the best price ever
  • Updates on new exchanges or wallets issued with new features that could make your cryptos easier to handle or could let you manage more safely your transactions. For each new tool reviewed, we'll publish a Handbook with pictures that lead you to a swift utilisation of the tool.
  • Online meetings and webinars with the ICOs teams. Our partner ICOs teams are used to organize online meetings where you can ask questions on the project or any topic related to the ICO. 

To the absolute beginners, BlockchainTop offers:

  • Handbooks on a huge number of wallets and exchanges. The Handbooks, made up of pictures and plain explanations, deal with several kinds of tools, from the basic to the most advanced ones.
  • FORUM This is the best supplement to our Handbooks. In case you'll find our Handbooks not clear enough, just open a thread and ask assitance to the Forum! Our team will assist you in almost real-time about any difficulties faced in handling transactions or trading activites. Any question regarding our service, our Handbooks or whatever else? Just ask the Forum and all will be clear in minutes! 
  • Real-time assistance during the ICOs. We are one of the few services that assist people real-time during the ICOs. Before an ICO, a specific thread of the Forum will detail you step by step all the things to do to get prepared.  At the same time, our alerts will help you to meet all the deadlines required by the ICO (don't forget to use the Forum to seek clarifications on each deadline). During an ICO (or a presale) a specific Telegram chat will be open to allow you to discuss real-time with our team. This way you'll be led by hand on every single action you're doing while attending the ICO. Thanks to these hard-to-find-elsewhere features, in BlockchainTop many absolute beginners used to attend the ICOs together with our experienced subscribers!

To sum up: all the features described above are gathered in a single subscription, which fits experienced investors and beginners!


  • Two newsletters per month
  • Alerts for trading and ICO activites
  • Handbooks on a huge amount of exchanges and wallets
  • Online meetings with ICO teams
  • Real-time assistance during an ICO via Telegram chat. 
  • ICO presales with hard discounts and no time restrictions

You'll find all these features in the Basic BlockchainTop subscription at 39 usd/month.

If you need the Forum as an additional service to the above mentioned features, you should subscribe to Premium BlockchainTop at 49 usd/month